What is Professional Negligence Mediation? 

Professional negligence claims have been on the rise in recent years. This is due to the increased complexity in the type and nature of the work carried out by professionals which in turn has led to increased reliance by clients on the professionals they hire and a greater willingness to seek redress when something goes wrong. 

Pursuing a professional negligence claim in court isn’t the only effective method of resolution however.  

Mediation can be and often is the most effective method of resolution for cases involving negligent professional advice.

Through mediation, Patrick can help participants achieve a satisfactory conclusion. This voluntary process determines how the alleged negligence can be compensated for and any losses recovered. 

As a leading tax barrister, Patrick has experience resolving tax and financial disputes. He has particular experience in resolving disputes involving incorrect tax advice. 

Other areas in which mediation can resolve disputes about professional advice include the following:

  • Medical malpractice 
  • Surveyor and architect negligence
  • IT errors including data breaches
  • Estate agent negligence
  • Mistakes by lawyers

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How Patrick Cannon Can Help You Resolve Professional Negligence Disputes

Patrick Cannon is an accredited mediator and can assist the participants to resolve professional negligence disputes. 

Throughout the process, Patrick remains strictly neutral. This means he does not offer legal advice or personal opinions. He can advise on the process however.

Mediation can be an effective method of resolving an issue without involving court. However, mediation can take place at any point during a professional negligence case and often occurs just before a court hearing when the participants are concerned about a “winner takes all” outcome before a judge and wish to retain some control over the outcome. 

Mediation usually takes place in Central London at Tax Chambers. However Patrick is willing to travel to other locations throughout the UK and abroad when necessary.

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