SDLT Tax Advice and Representation

Patrick Cannon is one of the UK’s leading SDLT advisers, having advised on Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) and its predecessor, Stamp Duty, over the past 35 years as a solicitor and latterly as a barrister.

Alongside being a professional Stamp Duty Land Tax adviser, Patrick has authored Tolley’s Stamp Taxes since 1986, and advises on all aspects of the tax and how to ensure compliance with the increasingly complex rules. 

His services include reducing liability where legitimate savings are available, dealing with HMRC SDLT enquiries and representing clients in SDLT appeals before the tax tribunals.

SDLT Multiple Dwellings Relief 

Can you claim Multiple Dwellings Relief  for your additional residential property purchase, where an annex or outbuildings are involved? 

Before your purchase is completed, Patrick Cannon can advise on your eligibility for Multiple Dwellings Relief, enabling your conveyancer to complete the SDLT return with a claim to the reduced amount. 

Patrick Cannon can also help you to claim a Stamp Duty refund after the completion of your purchase, if it turns out you were eligible for Multiple Dwellings Relief. 

Mixed-use and Non-residential Properties

Many clients ask whether their property purchase qualifies for the lower rates of SDLT for mixed residential and non-residential property. 

When correctly claimed, these lower SDLT rates offer huge savings, but HMRC are increasingly resisting such claims, so it is very important to get expert and experienced advice. 

You can read Patrick Cannon’s review of HMRC’s latest published guidance here.

Reclaiming Stamp Duty

Claims advice shops will often contact clients, claiming that their conveyancers have missed the chance to claim the lower rates of tax. They usually offer to reclaim the difference or to claim against the conveyancer for negligence, in return for a cut of any savings achieved.

Such firms can behave very aggressively and inappropriately, so it is usually best to consult with a tax lawyer such as Patrick Cannon to review the matter objectively. 

Patrick Cannon can then take any action that is justified – whether it’s making a refund claim or pursuing an adviser for negligence – for a fixed fee, rather than relying on a claims shop with its eye on a “no win no fee” arrangement.

For tax advice and representation in a Stamp Duty Land Tax case with one of the UK’s leading specialist SDLT tax advisers, please contact Patrick Cannon here.

Patrick is authorised by the Bar Standards Board to accept Direct Access work and to undertake litigation, which means that he can advise clients directly and deal directly with HMRC on their behalf.

Patrick works as a Stamp Duty Land Tax adviser on the basis of fixed fees agreed in advance via his Clerk, and he does not charge open-ended hourly rates.

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