Why mediate disputes involving antiques, old masters and classic cars?

Disputes related to antiques, old masters and classic cars are not uncommon and strong feelings may be aroused due to the values involved, reputational issues and authenticity of the item concerned. Legal complications often arise around sales, purchases, inheritance, maintenance and the quality of restorations. 

Mediation is an ideal and cost effective way of resolving disputes involving these matters. 

Whilst litigation through the courts can take months if not years, mediation is a more short-term and cost effective method of dispute resolution. 

Together the parties involved have control over how long the process lasts, and what the overall outcome is. This usually results in an agreed satisfactory outcome for all parties involved. 

Cases involving antiques, old masters and classic cars that are suitable for mediation relate to matters such as: 

  • Misrepresentation claims
  • Disputes surrounding the quality of restoration and repair
  • Conflict surrounding sales and purchases
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Conflict around private number plates
  • Antique furniture disputes
  • Disputes around the provenance of paintings

If you’re involved in a similar dispute it’s important to find legally qualified mediation support and advice immediately. Get in touch today.

How Patrick Cannon Can Help You Reach a Settlement

Patrick Cannon is an accredited mediator and has a wealth of experience assisting clients to resolve disputes.

Mediation can be an effective method of resolving an issue without involving the court at all. However, mediation can also take place at any point during a dispute and often occurs close to a scheduled court hearing when both parties realise that they are facing a “winner takes all” scenario if the dispute comes before a judge.

Throughout the process, Patrick remains strictly neutral and does not offer legal advice or personal opinions. He can advise on the process however.

Mediation usually takes place at Tax Chambers in Central London. However Patrick is willing to travel to other locations throughout the UK and overseas where necessary.

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