How to Settle Commercial Disputes

Commercial disputes can be damaging for those involved and for their company’s reputation, especially if litigated publicly. Mediation is an effective and confidential form of dispute resolution for conflicts in the commercial environment. 

The mediation services offered by Patrick relating to commercial disputes are not limited by a rigid criteria. Some common disputes which can be resolved through commercial mediation include:

  • Commercial fraud
  • Employment disputes including IR35
  • Commercial contract disputes
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Franchising
  • Commercial tenancy disputes
  • Real estate disputes involving commercial developments

However Patrick’s services as an accredited mediator are not limited to these types of dispute. 

Patrick’s role as a mediator is to act as an intermediary between all parties involved and support and guide them towards reaching an agreed outcome. Ultimately, Patrick assists the parties in reaching a satisfactory resolution that they agree between themselves. 

The mediation process allows all participants to explore the issues which are most important to them, without involving the court. 

This allows all participants to reach agreement on the outcome of their conflict, which frequently results in a positive conclusion for those involved. 

Due to the confidential nature of mediation, it’s unlikely that your company’s reputation will be damaged in the same way that it can be through a lawsuit. 

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How Patrick Cannon Can Help You Overcome Commercial Disputes

Patrick Cannon has a wealth of experience helping clients overcome tax and commercial disputes. Throughout the process, Patrick remains strictly neutral. This means he does not offer legal advice or personal opinions. He can advise on the process however.

Mediation can be an effective method of resolving an issue without involving court. However, mediation can take place at any point during a commercial dispute, whether litigation has already started or it is likely to. 

Mediation usually takes place in Central London at Tax Chambers. However, Patrick is willing to travel to other locations throughout the UK and abroad when necessary.

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