How Does Landlord and Tenant Mediation Work?

Conflicts between landlords and tenants are very common, and can be equally stressful for those involved. It’s important that these disputes are resolved as quickly as possible through legal advice and guidance, in order to prevent further conflict.

Mediation is a cost-effective method of alternative dispute resolution. Working with an experienced mediator enables parties to discuss the issues at hand through open communication. This process can be used to reach a satisfactory, self-determined outcome for all parties involved in a property dispute. 

Tenant and landlord disputes can arise for a variety of reasons. Some of the cases Patrick can assist with involve matters such as:

  • Rental disputes
  • Wrongful eviction from residential properties
  • Disputes over tenant deposit
  • Disputes over responsibility for damage
  • Conflict around repairs 
  • Lease renewal and extension disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Tenancy agreement disputes
  • Disputes involving the reasonableness and recovery of service charges
  • Nuisance claims

Disputes involving landlords and tenants can be resolved smoothly through mediation. This enables parties to arrive at a settlement agreement and move forward.

If you are involved in a conflict with your landlord or tenant, please do not hesitate to get in touch

How Patrick Cannon Can Help You Resolve Property Disputes

Patrick Cannon is an experienced dispute barrister and an accredited mediator. He has extensive experience with landlord and tenant disputes. 

Mediation can be an effective method of resolving an issue without involving court. However, mediation services can take place at any point during a dispute, whether litigation has already started or it is likely to. 

Throughout the mediation process, Patrick remains strictly neutral. He will not offer legal advice or personal opinions, however he can advise on the process.

Dispute resolution via mediation usually takes place in Central London at Tax Chambers. However Patrick is willing to travel to other locations throughout the UK and abroad when necessary.

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