How does mediation work for company and partnership disputes?

Company and partnership disputes are very common, even within the most successful businesses. Strong feelings can be aroused due to the nature of these disputes and they can occur for a wide variety of reasons. 

These disputes can have a damaging effect not only on those involved, but also on the reputation of the business. As a result, client and business relationships can be adversely affected. So it’s important that these conflicts are resolved as quickly and confidentially as possible and away from the publicity of court proceedings.

If you’re involved in such a dispute, it’s important that you explore whether mediation could be the way to resolve it satisfactorily. 

Mediation is an effective method of resolution for company and partnership disputes.

Because of its confidential nature, mediation can ensure that your company or partnership dispute is handled as smoothly and privately as possible and in a cost effective manner.

As an accredited mediator, Patrick’s role is to assist both participants in reaching a satisfactory conclusion agreeable to both sides. Some of the cases that mediation is suitable for relate to:

  • Breaches of partnership agreement
  • Verbal misconduct
  • Fraud, theft of business property and expense claims
  • Unequal input from partners into a business
  • Disagreements regarding company objectives
  • Unfair treatment of minority shareholders
  • Employment law and whether IR35 applies

 If you’re involved in a partnership or company dispute and you think that mediation may offer a solution, please get in touch

How Patrick Cannon Can Help You Reach a Settlement

Patrick Cannon is an accredited dispute resolution barrister. He has extensive experience helping clients resolve disputes. 

Mediation can be an effective method of resolving an issue without involving the court. However, mediation can take place at any point during a dispute, whether or not litigation has already started or it is likely to. 

Throughout the process, Patrick remains strictly neutral. This means he does not offer legal advice or personal opinions. He can advise on the process however.

Mediation usually takes place in Central London at Tax Chambers. However, Patrick is willing to travel to other locations throughout the UK and abroad where necessary.

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